The Haitian Orphan Choir performed at many venues in Georgia as well as up and down the East Coast this past Summer. Plans are being made for Summer 2018. They will incur expenses to travel to the US and for the accommodations and travel while they are touring.


They could use your help with any or all of the following per/child costs to help while they are touring the United States. Here is a list of how your donations could help.


Airline Ticket - $588

Homeland Security Application - $125

Visa - $390

Costume - $50

Casual Costume - $35

Daily Traveling outfits ($13 x 7 days) - $91

Shoes (2 pairs)/ Headbands ($1 x 7 days) - $27

Beach Towels/Bathing Suit - $20

Underwear/Pajamas - $20

Total Child Sponsorship - $1347


Thank you for your support!


Please pray for all the hearts that will hear these children sing this year. If you have a location, school, university, business, event, sporting event, VBS, revival or church service you would like the children to sing at, please contact Linda at 706-599-7525. You can find their schedule on line under the EVENTS tab.


If you chose to help with any of your child’s expenses you can donate on the website or mail a check to:


Love Him Love Them

P.O. Box 505

Lavonia, Georgia 30553


To donate online:








Remember all your help is tax deductible.


Thank you,

Linda Gunter, Co-Founder