christmas joy bag


Every Christmas Love Him Love Them Ministries provides gallon bags filled with Christmas gifts for the Haiti Orphans and many more. Thank you for your interest in helping our organization spread some cheer and necessary items to these children of God.

Our goal is that we have a bag for every child we met at every orphanage, every school, church and even on the road that would include essentials and fun things.

These bags are not sitting in a warehouse so anything goes! We take them immediately to Haiti. They also are inside plastic bags so no worries about spills! You can fit A LOT in a gallon bag.


Place anything you think a child from Haiti would like or need in a Gallon Bag….

Choose 1 of 4 categories for each bag you make….

LITTLE GIRL – Mark bag with pink color    LITTLE BOY - Mark bag with blue color

BIG GIRL - Mark bag with green color       BIG BOY - Mark bag with red color

Mark your gallon Bag with a non-removable sticker or with a sharpie in the corresponding color with the child you choose. Please make the color visible, we will be using this color as an indicator when we have hundreds of children in front of us to get them the right bag!

Fill the bag with whatever you can fit in the bag as long as the bag will close. IT DOES NEED TO CLOSE or your items will not make it to Haiti.

Suggested items (depending on age and gender of course). NO LIMITS.

Crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, race cars, Barbie dolls, baby dolls, flashlights, gum, candy, tooth paste, tooth brushes, flip flops, hair bows, head bands, batteries, sanitary pads, perfume, deodorant, bracelets, bibles, jump ropes, shampoo, lotion, stickers, remote control cars, socks, underwear, Frisbees, bubbles.



Our Office at the Ty Cobb Museum 671 Cook Street, Royston, GA 


PRIOR TO TUESDAY NOVEMBER 22nd. Please include $5 for shipping with each Bag. (monies can be inside bag or in envelope attached to outside of bag.)


AFTER NOV. 29h but PRIOR to DECEMBER 16th, please include $10 per bag for shipping.


Text, email or call Linda Gunter at 706-599-7525 with any -questions or Lisa Welshman at 508-410-9318