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We are dedicated to providing hope and inspiring children and young adults in Haiti by ministering to them with His Word through sports.

We are proud to be partnering with Fanord Family Foundation to help serve kids in Haiti through Basketball. 

NEW Saint-Marc Haiti Basketball Court!

Love him love them

mission project haiti

When Covid-19 forced us to cancel our 2020 basketball camp, God provided a perfect project for us to put all donations towards! The only public basketball court in Saint-Marc, where all the kids that attend our camp practice year-long, became unusable and unsafe. 
We have a quote from a well-known basketball court repair company in Haiti AND we received permission from the city of Saint-Marc Haiti to start our project! 
The new court will be built to better withstand the harsh weather and the hot sun in Haiti and will last a long time. Let's build it together and give the young people in Saint-Marc a place to practice again!

If we raise $14,835.00: 

  • Full court repair and resurfacing AND 4 colors of court painting

  • Two in-ground basketball hoops tempered glass system

  • Padding for iron fence protection

  • Includes all labor, shipping, installation and customs!

If we raise $17,835: 

  • Everything above AND a 45 seat bleacher!


If we raise $23,335.00: 

  • Everything above AND a new fence!

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