meet alana

My name is Alana Threlkeld I’m 19 years old and I have been working with Love Him Love Them four years this June. I am local to Lavonia Georgia, so everything Love Hime Love Them has going on I’m always there. I just love to be in the middle of making a difference!


For the past 3 years, I have traveled with Love Him Love Them Haitian orphan choir as their “choir mom” I do everything from wiping snotty noses to kissing boo-boos, pointing them to Jesus, giving medicine and giving the mom look. I definitely have that down pat!


Working with them has completely flipped my world upside down.


I have felt God calling me to Haiti for years now but just haven’t had the door open. Well, now it’s swinging WIDE open! Choir tour 2019 we are bringing a brand new orphanage to come to the United States.


I am making a year commitment to Jesus and Haiti as well as Love Hime Love Them. I will go to and basically be the hand on the ground in Haiti for Love Hime Love Them. I will lead trips to watch over the progress of our hospital, transition home, and everything we have going on in Haiti. 


But most importantly, I will be teaching the new choir coming next year English, songs, choreography, everything they need to know about the United States and what to expect.


I can’t wait to see how God uses me in Haiti! I would love for you to stand side by side with me as I make the transition completely outside of my comfort zone. I covet your prayers and support as I embark on all God has planned for me in Haiti!


Thank you for your gracious gift and I look forward to updating you on my journey in the coming year!