meet emilee

A year and a half ago I went on my first missions trip with Love Him Love Them to Haiti and had no idea what impact that would have on my future. As soon as I met the amazing people there I knew that I couldn’t let the trip end when the week was over. When I got back from Haiti I tried to find ways to stay involved. My friends and I hosted the choir and helped plan their visit but I still felt like there was something else I should be doing. 



Early last year I ended up unexpectedly going back to Haiti. I had just gone through some major changes in my life. I was supposed to be leaving on a year long missions trip but when funding fell through I realized that it wasn’t something that the Lord had planned for me for many reasons. I had also left my job in anticipation of going and was in a very lost place. When my friend, Sarah, had asked me to go back with her before she moved there I thought, “why not?” I wasn’t working and had fallen in love the last time I was there. That trip set me up for some very big realizations. When we got to Haiti that time I knew instantly that that was where the Lord wanted me and this was the reason I wasn’t on the other missions trip. I was supposed to find a way to make a big impact with this ministry in this country. I’ve never felt so sure of anything in my life and as soon as I felt it I knew I needed to find a way back.



Every day since my heart has ached to be in Haiti. I have thought about it every day and have finally been given the opportunity to be there for a few months! I will be helping with the new hospital, working mostly with women’s health care. I majored in college in community health education and spent my internship in Kenya working in maternal health care. I am so excited to use these skills that I’ve gained implanting these programs in Haiti. I will also be taking a Doula workshop before I go so that I can help with births!



My biggest needs right now are prayers and finances. Please pray and let God guide you in how to help me with my trip. I will be leaving my job prior to leaving for haiti to prep and take the Doula class. During my time in Haiti I will need financial support. If you would like to give financially I would be so grateful but would really appreciate your love and prayers above all else.