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children of god

"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him."

Pslams 127:3



Lifesaver Cares for...

12 girls aged 9-19

13 boys aged 8-23


Did you know Lifesaver serves 130 packets of rice and beans and pasta per week?!

LifeSaver Orphanage was formed out of necessity by Maistro Paul Williams and his wife, Gertrude. As a music teacher, many of his students found their way to the William’s home in result of losing their immediate caregivers in the devastating earthquake of 2010. After being connected through Haitian Pastor, Maxeau Antoine, Love Him Love Them was able to bring all of the children in the orphanage to America as the first and only Haitian Orphan Choir in 2016. The children of LifeSaver Orphanage toured throughout the Southeast sharing the gospel through their singing. They were well received and raised enough funds for Love Him Love Them to completely renovate the orphanage by providing running water, electricity, a full kitchen, a computer lab, and more.

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