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About Us

The Taj Line

Hello, my name is Taj and I am from Haiti. Since December 2021, I have had the good fortune to live in America with the Baxter Family of Spencerport, NY who has welcomed me into their family and home as one of their own.  I am also blessed to study at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY.
In my homeland of Haiti, I lived in a transition home sponsored by ‘Love Him Love Them.’  My sisters (orphans like myself) and I prided ourselves on making jewelry from used boxes as a means of raising money for necessities such as healthcare, clothing, and other essentials.  
Our hand roll beads jewelry was handcrafted with love and great care and

allowed us to spend quality time with each other, which gave us simple yet great pleasure.
These handmade pieces are unique in their own way; much time and thought goes into the design and handiwork of each one. For instance, a necklace can take up to four hours to craft due to the detail that is woven into each bead. 
This summer I had the pleasure of pouring my creativity into my own line of jewelry.  I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I do designing and making these original pieces of jewerly. 
Please give me a like, scroll through to see my offerings, and thank you in advance for supporting me through “The
Taj Line.”
God bless.

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