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"Share each other's burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ."

Galatians 6:2

our needs

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our needs

View our current needs below and our ongoing efforts that you can help support.

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medical facility - Opened!!

We had the Grand Opening of our Medical Facility on August 29, 2020.  It warmed our hearts to see the many families who traveled  by foot for hours to help us bless this new building.. Within 24 hours our first baby was born! We are so THANKFUL for the hundreds of people who have made this dream a reality, both here in the United States and Haiti! We still have many needs to make this a fully functional facility including hospital beds, an ultra sound machine and hundreds of equipment and medical items. Our hope is this facility will provide medical attention for thousands of people who do not have any medical attention available to them without an approximate 6-hour walk. The facility is staffed with a Haitian doctor and nurses and eventually we will also have a guest house available for medical mission teams to come in and serve. The next phase will be a full--time lab and blood bank. as the funds become available. Please reach out to Lisa Welshman at 508-410-9318 if you know of any equipment that could be donated. 

vocational school

We currently have a 4-room Vocational school at Gallette Chambon. We are in the process of doubling the size of this school. We need additional funding for curriculum, classes and teachers in addition to supplies for:

Arts/Crafts (jewelry):  Beads, string,

Bakery:  Oven, stove, cooking utensils, pans, pots, baking sheets etc. Specialty cake supplies.

Construction:  Tools, wood, (concrete Block machine)

Cosmetology:  Hair supplies, scissors, rollers, perms, combs, straighteners, blow dryers, hair products

Electrical:  Electrical supplies such as electrical boxes, wire, wiring tools.

Plumbing:  Piping PVC, glue, tools

Sewing:  Sewing Machines (Not electric), Material, thread

transitional home

When you live in an orphanage and turn 18 in Haiti you have to leave the orphanage. If you have not graduated from high school by the time you turn 18 you can’t advance to a government vocational school. We are building a transitional home that will be on the same grounds as the vocational school. Eighteen-year-olds and above can stay in the home while they finish school or attend the vocational school for a specific program study. We will then help them find employment and housing.

basketball court & soccer field

We are dedicated to providing hope and inspiring children and young adults in Haiti by ministering to them with His Word through sports. In order to achieve this, we need the necessary funds to purchase and install a concrete pad, basketball hoops, turf for our fields that will be used to teach sports in school, camps and sports related Mission trips.

storefront shops

On the grounds with the vocational school we are building storefront shops. These stores will include employment opportunities for each area of study at the vocational school: bakery, hair salon, dry-cleaning and alterations, and jewelry store. This mini-mall will serve the thousands of Haitians who make the trip down the mountain into town who have to pass right by the Gallette Chambon area.

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