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valley of hope

"Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit."

Matthew 28:19


This is the why we built a hospital in the remote area of Gallette Chambon.


A Call of Need

A lady in labor and riding on a motorcycle tap tap (taxi) in search of help to deliver her baby pulled into the Gallette Chambon, Valley of Hope location. They presumed there would be medical attention available because of all the buildings they saw in this very remote area.

However, at that time there was only a church, vocational school and K-12 school but no medical facility. The nearest facility that could help her was over 1 hour away. We lost both mother and baby because of that.


It was then decided that we MUST add a medical facility to the Gallette Chambon compound. This will reduce the amount of travel time for many who live in the mountains surrounding the area. (UPDATE: within the first 24 hours of the hospital opening, we welcomed 3 newborns!)


The facility will be staffed with Haitian doctors and nurses and will have a guest house available for medical mission teams to come in and serve.

Raising funds for this became the WHOLE FOCUS of the 2nd choir tour for the children from Haiti.


We are more excited than words can express that we can offer Health Education, Prenatal Care & Hospital services.


We will also use the hospital for training purposes as part of our vocation training center.

The facility consist of 50 beds, emergency room and on the 2nd floor will be rooms for teaching and doctor’s offices.

vocational school

The need to empower the Haitian people by providing them with a skill to allow them to work was recognized by Love Him Love Them Ministry early on in their travels to Haiti.  We want to help the people of Haiti so they can make their country stronger, feed their families and become self-reliant. In order to do this we felt the need to start our own vocational school.

We created 7 courses including cooking, sewing, baking, construction, cosmetology, electrical, plumbing and arts\crafts. The first years graduating class comprised of 65 students and they proudly graduated in 2018. When we conducted open enrollment for the 2nd class we had over 167 young people sign up to attended our vocational school. To see the hope in their young eyes was just so fulfilling. We are excited to see what God has planned for this new program!

After the students graduate they expand into the entrepreneurial program (still in construction phase)  where they have an opportunity to be employed in our store fronts including a bakery / restaurant,  an alterations shop / dry cleaner, computer lab and a cement blocks store.

additional projects

Transition Home



Grade School


More information on each of these will be available soon!

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